DeWalt Driver Tool Holder Fix

We recently upgraded to a set of DeWalt cordless tools from a cheap refurbished set of Porter Cable. The previous set was aging, and we needed a bit more quality and power.

After much research, DeWalt was the battery platform that provided the most flexibility and quality tools. (P.S. – According to DeWalt, there are 180 tools in this platform.)

The Porter Cable set has two magnetic holders – each

However, I was shocked to find that while both of my PC drill & driver had two magnetic tool holders each, the slick new DeWalt had no such feature on either tool. This was unacceptable. I went looking for solutions.


Fastcap makes this clunky looking solution, which, honestly seems overpriced and less powerful.

Super Glue & Super Magnets


  • Pick up some neodymium magnets (Mine are 3/4"D x 0.1") – Round on Amazon, Bar on Amazon, or from HD
  • Use super glue 2P•10 with activator – (I tried without activator and the glue just wanted to slide around and made a bit of a mess).
  • Apply glue to one side of the magnet.
  • Spray activator and quickly apply light pressure to drill. Don't glue your...
Now, add magnets to everything. Obviously, DeWalt drills are not the only thing that need a pick-me-up. What else have you tried this on?



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