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Do you have fixed fees? Nope! Nobody likes those. We charge for the work we do, nothing more. For example, on 2nd runs without changes, we take out the cost of any CAM work already done. This means cheaper parts for you!

So, what's up with the minimum machining and programming times?

Every job takes time to prepare for – whether it's been done before or not. Files are optimized, CAM setup and confirmed, tools are setup on the machine, g-code exported, tweaked if needed etc.

See our Maker Commitment
Do you have a minimum job? Yes and no! No project is too small, we do everything from single prototypes to full-scale production in the 1000's of units.

Our minimum job is $400.

HOWEVER, WE SUPPORT MAKERS If you think your project could be done for less – check out our maker commitment.
What is your Maker Commitment?

Our Maker Commitment

We were students, are makers, and vow to support the small guys. However, it’s hard to make low-cost jobs make financial cents 🤭. If you think your job can be done for less than our minimum ($400), for it to pencil out for us, here’s how we can do it:

  1. Provide us clean and ready to machine CAD files.
  2. Project support from PDX CNC is limited.
  3. Changes require time that drives up a project's cost. We can offer CAD or CAM changes for a fee.
How can I request a quote? Our favorite question. Just head over and fill out what’s applicable to your project on our Quote Form
Can you do 3D machining? Definitely, we come from years of architecture and this is one of our favorite capabilities of CNC machining – making sexy 3D forms.
Can you deliver? (or ship) Absolutely. Let us know you interested in pickup or delivery services and we can set that up for you. We also are pro's at shipping, long distance isn't a thing to us.
How do I make files to send? Good question. We actually wrote a whole blog post about how to do this. Check it out
What software / file types can I send? We prefer 3D files then 2D if applicable:
3D (BEST): Fusion Public Link or F3D, 3DM v4, STEP, IDES
2D (ONLY): DXF, DWG (2013 or older); AI, SVG
Common Software
  • Fusion 360 – Free, 2D/3D
  • Rhino 3D – 2D/3D, not free but worth every penny. Download our Rhino Template file
  • Sketchupnot recommended if you have curved pieces. Sketchup facets curves.
  • Solidworks – 2D/3D, costly. Get Fusion if you don't have SW already.
  • Inkscape – 2D, Free
Why don't you cut MDF? Unfortunately, we don’t cut MDF. The short answer is because we value our health. It’s really¹, hazardous², stuff³ — which sucks because it’s so affordable. In most cases there is a healthy alternative.

Here’s our material examples.
What about educational discounts? We love to help out students and educators. Get in touch!
Are you hiring? We’re always looking for good people. See our available openings.
Can I write you feedback? We have a Feedback Survey and would love your thoughts. Customer or not.
Do you have any testimonials or reviews? We sure do. See our Google Reviews.
What tools do you use? Check out our Tools.

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